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I am a software architect with significant breadth and depth of experience writing enterprise software. I have excellent interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills as well as knowledge of software development paradigms and methodologies. I am an experienced project manager, enthusiastic mentor and dependable team lead. Most importantly I have a great passion for software and technology!!!

Sr. Software Architect
Health & Wellness, IoT
Developed real-time dashboard for home automation device gateway. Developed surveys and dashboard for health & wellness broker-vendor portal. Provided system administration for cloud infrastructure.

Sr. Software Engineer, Lead
Fitness & Nutrition
Developed e-commerce websites, distributor portal and learning management system for several nutrition supplement brands. Responsible for quality assurance, development operations, system administration and release management. Mentored junior team members and provided project management.

Sr. Software Engineer
Data Quality
Developed corporate website and customer service portal for data quality service. Integrated data sanitization application interface with web browser.

Sr. Software Engineer
Automotive Retail
Developed intelligent caching for product, pricing and availability searches for point-of-sale terminals. Created benchmark and profiling tool for team. Mentored other team members and assisted software architect.

Sr. Software Engineer
Human Resources
Developed vendor portal for tax transcript, employment verification, background check and department of motor vehicle services with integration to IRS & DMV. Provided project management for team and created feature sets with stakeholder.

Sr. Technical Support Engineer
Social Networking
Supported enterprise content management and social networking platform. Developed process management and procedures for team. Managed triage, issue tracking and customer service systems. Provided training and technical direction for customers.

Sr. Software Engineer
E-Commerce & Marketing
Developed variety of marketing and non-profit informational websites. Created content management platform modules/gateways to integrate payment processing, multimedia content, social networking and commission tracking. Provided system administration for large web hosting platform.

Software Engineer
Health Care
Developed remittance processing and denial management system for health care accounting. Created hybrid Internet application for emergency medial records. Provided system administration and technical support for office network. Contributed to project management and marketing strategies.

Sr. Software Engineer
Internet Marketing
Developed email marketing systems and managed campaigns in various industries for specific client needs. Provided system administration and technical support for both office and Internet networks.

Principal Software Engineer
Internet Retail
Developed education and exam portal for sales and marketing. Created product search engine and product availability gateway for large e-commerce web site. Provided system administration for e-commerce web farm. Provided project management and mentoring for large team. Functioned as technical liaison to stakeholders.

Sr. Internet Developer
Newspaper Publisher
Developed on-line entertainment and classified web sites. Created promotional and e-commerce web sites for advertising partners. Developed print-to-web classified application library. Manage marketing campaigns.

Internet Developer
Internet Marketing
Developed real estate information web sites. Created import/export gateway for desktop applications. Managed office network and provided technical support.

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